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Rain Inspired

September 17, 2009

Today I had a lot of errands planned, but when I walked out of my lab I realized it was raining. Of course, here in Charleston when it rains the traffic is automatically backed up so my errands were automatically cancelled. Sometimes I think God plans the rain on purpose.It feels like I have been going non stop since school started. Everyday I wish I had more time to just sit and reflect on my life, but most of the time I feel bad about myself if I’m not staying busy. But, today when my plans were cancelled I realized God had given me the perfect opportunity to start reflecting and writing about my life again. So here I am, starting my third blog and hoping that this time I will make time for my thoughts on a consistent basis. I love the rain and the fact that if I’m home it always makes me stop and relax and just sit and stare out the window for a little while to enjoy God’s nature and beauty. My goal is to post every day that it rains. Of course I would like to post more often than that, but at least with this rainy day goal in my mind I should be able to keep this blog somewhat consistent. So, I hope to gather a lot of fellow rainy day followers who will join me in my rainy day ritual of just stopping for a moment and reflecting on the wonderful life God has given us to enjoy!

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  1. September 17, 2009 11:31 PM

    Great idea, Danielle!! I’ll be following along!

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