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Fall Flowers

October 2, 2009

The change in season deserves my attention. I am sitting here beside my open windows enjoying the beautiful fall breeze hoping that it stays like this at least for another month.

Last night Giles came home and brought me some beautiful fall flowers for the simple reason that he loves me! Burgundy, orange, yellow, and green. He also brought me a pumpkin…this has been a yearly tradition for us . I think it was the pumpkin I brought him a couple weeks before we started dating that won him over.

So now I have some beautiful flowers sitting on my desk that remind me of Giles love and the fall weather outside, and an adorable pumpkin is sitting on our counter top that is just small enough for our apartment! These simple things made my day so much classier. Life couldn’t be more perfect than this simple  moment that I have to relax and be thankful. Thankful that all my homework is done. The house is clean. Dinner was a success.  Flowers are on the desk and a pumpkin is on the counter to remind me of our love!

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