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December 2, 2009

Today was just one of those days where you have a lot to do, but things just keep popping up and getting in your way of getting any of it done.

It is the week before finals. Today I had my last Health Assessment test before the exam. As usual I  have no idea how I did. Last time I thought I failed but actually got a C. I have begun to be satisfied with C’s in nursing school. Tomorrow I have a lab final. I have to do a head to toe physical assessment of a 90 yr. old man with my professor staring down my throat the whole time… with the added pressure of knowing that if I fail this exam I fail the class. This would hold true even if I had an A in the class! Craziness.

If I didn’t care so much of what other people thought of me I might not be so nervous. But, confidence and self esteem are one of my main downfalls. 

On that negative note, if anyone is reading this I would appreciate the prayers.

My mom said today “90% of what you worry about never comes true” I’m really counting on not being that 10% tomorrow!

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