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To Do List

December 20, 2009

This list is for my sanity over Christmas break:

Before Christmas:

Send out Christmas Cards

Finish Christmas shopping and wrap presents

Make cookie tins

Clean the house

Go to Greenville and be with family and friends

Before school starts because these are what I will not have time for when it does:


Clean Carpets



Organize Laundry room and patio – the 2 places most in need of some desperate help!

Work- make money!

Spend more time with the dog


Get some serious God time and Giles time!

I’ll let you know how much I really accomplish and will probably add more to the list when I remember the rest of what I wanted to do all semester long…

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  1. thattallblondegirl permalink
    December 27, 2009 1:13 AM

    Dani you can do it!! I know that you are a good wife and a good housekeeper and your dog loves you! Please remember to put in the list “spend time with Ashley” because I miss you tons and tons. I actually have a lot to catch you up on… 🙂 PS…post more in your blogs I am excited to read what you write!

    ❤ Thattallblondegirl

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