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A New Year Without Resolutions

January 3, 2010

I have decided to take a different approach to 2010. I usually fill up at least a whole list of paper with resolutions and goals for the new year. I even tape it up on the bathroom mirror for a month or two until it seems to just become a part of the mirror itself. But this year is different. I have not made a list and I am attempting to sit here and not write to you a list of my goals, which is apparantly a very daunting task for me. I make a list for everything. As you probably noticed my last blog was a list. I take my day planner everywhere with me so I can make a to do list for every day. It has become quite an obsession of mine over the years. In fact it has become such an obsession that most of the time my lists are never ending…I just keep adding and adding as the day goes by and it is a rare and breathtaking moment when I make that final line through the last item on my list. I hardly ever meet this goal even when I go to the grocery store. There always seems to be that one item ( and it’s usually something Giles asks for like ‘capers’ ) that I cannot find. Not completing a list can be so discouraging and so for 2010 I will not make a list. Don’t get me wrong, I will still make my daily ‘To Do Lists’ they are great organzing tools for someone as absent minded as myself. However, for the year of 2010 I have chosen not to make resolutions because there are simply too many things that would take up my list and it would just be so overwhelming that I would probably ignore it the moment I taped it up on the mirror. I do want to improve my life in so many ways and I intend to still work on many things in my life as they come up day by day. And so to the year 2010, ” I expect great adventures, overwhelming love, and many accomplishments without my daunting list following me through the months!”

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  1. thattallblondegirl permalink
    January 3, 2010 11:04 PM

    Oh this is so great! We are thinking along the same lines. I wrote a blog recently saying pretty much the same thing, just for different reasons! Anyway…good luck with all of that…because I understand all about making lists and plans. The best thing I can think is just go with the flow (which I can’t do very well) and figure it out along the way! I love you ❤

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