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Somewhere out West

May 12, 2010

I must say a lot has happened in the past week.

Packed up the entire apartment

Celebrated Giles and his dad’s graduation!

Celebrated the best two years of my life – our anniversary

Celebrated our mom’s for Mothers day

Drove 30 hrs. across the country!

For those of you who don’t know, the Lord worked it out for me to join Giles on his adventure this summer in Rangely, Colorado. I learned a lot this semester after going back and forth on whether or not I was going to join him. I learned to lay my life down before God and allow him to shape me. I also learned what a difference it makes for a woman to allow the man to be the decision maker. Within a few weeks I learned this great concept of submission in marriage that will probably help us out a lot in the future. When I say submit though I want you to know that I don’t mean women can’t have a voice in the relationship. What I do mean is that when there is a final decision to be made that can’t be agreed upon or decided it needs to be placed in the mans hands with no resentment toward the decision that is made.

So what are we doing in the beautiful state of Colorado you might ask… Well, Giles graduated a few days ago and he is now working toward his dream job – a federal law enforcement officer in the national park system. In order to do this he has to go through ‘levels’ He cannot apply for a  level 2  position ( which is a seasonal position  ) until he has taken a class, so this summer we are in Colorado at a school that offers a Seasonal Law enforcement training program.

While Giles is taking this class I’m not sure of what I’ll be doing, but that is what I’m trusting God about. If anything it will be a nice break and time to reflect on my own life – which I never have time to do when school is in. I have high hopes that I will be able to be successful this summer with some projects I have had in mind for a while, but we will see.

After a very long 30 hour journey in which most of it felt like we were driving through the huge state of Kansas, we have arrived in Denver, Colorado. I am visiting Gi’s sister and family for a week while Giles and his buddy Joe are hiking in the Rocky mountains freezing their buts off.  On Sunday we will drive another 5 hours to finally reach our destination!

I am very excited – adventures with Giles are always interesting and usually fun. I am also a little bit scared and sad, but hopefully that will pass. I knew before I began this journey that there would be struggles along the way. Just because I submitted to God’s plan for me doesn’t mean everything will be easy, in fact sometimes that means it will be harder, but whatever happens I know I will be a stronger woman after it all.

Some challenges we have already faced include-

The fact that we will be sleeping in a twin sized bed for a while…

Losing our pet frog on the way here- no he didn’t die – we literally lost him. We think he might have been left on top of the car and fallen off along the way – how horrible. I thought we would have him forever!

Last but not least, dropping off my best friend – our dog Case – at my parents for the summer. This is probably going to be the hardest part for me. Case is my cuddle puppy. He’s always there when I’m sad or lonely and even though he can be extremely annoying at times he has been a huge blessing for my life. I now this might seem silly but he is part of our family and leaving him behind for the summer is probably the main thing that makes me homesick.

I know this post was long and some of you might have stopped reading half way through and that’s ok. I will post several updates throughout the summer of our adventure. I don’t expect everyone to keep up with them, but I would love it if you want to! These posts are really a way for me to reflect on all that is going on. Blogging is going to help keep me sane this summer and help me to see where I am if I’m feeling a little bit lost. I hope that these posts might help someone out this summer who have faced or might be facing in the future some of the things that Giles and I experience on one of our many adventures to come!

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  1. Lynne' Lennon permalink
    May 12, 2010 4:30 PM

    looking forward to hearing more and wishing you nothing but good luck and happiness thru this journey……………. we will miss you at small group Danielle…………..enjoy every minute!!!!!

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