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Classic Small Town Feeling

May 18, 2010

Well, our weeklong visit with family came quickly to an end. While I was in Denver I saw an elk, fox, prairie dog, and a deer. I also enjoyed spending time with Gi’s family and getting to know my nephews – Ben and Joe – a little bit better. Bekah and Josh ( Giles sister and brother-in-law) were both very gracious in letting us stay at their house and kept us very well fed. It was sad to leave, but we will see them again towards the end of the summer.

After leaving Denver, with terrible colds and in Giles case a bad bout with poison sumac ( equivalent to poison ivy out here) we headed off for a 6 hour drive to the much anticipated Rangely. On our way we saw a few more animals including antelope ( yes they do exist in America), Buffalo, and large horned mountain sheep ( not goats – sheep). We also saw the typical sheep, cows, and horses but those weren’t quite as interesting. We saw all of this while driving through the Rockies – which are absolutely breathtaking! Needless to say the trip went by pretty quickly.

We passed through a few small towns on our way and I was hoping that Rangely would be one of the larger  towns, but much to my dismay it wasn’t. If it wasn’t for the sign – “Welcome to Rangely – It’s a GREAT place to live!” we might’ve missed it! All in all it takes about a full minute to drive through. There are maybe five restraunts , one grocery store, and more liquor stores than anything else it seems. The only restraunt that was open when we arrived was the Main Street Pub and let me tell you were there ever some interesting characters in there!

Despite the towns minimal size – the country is beautiful! Mountains every where you look. It is technically high desert where we are, but it is very unique and beautiful in it’s own way. The air is extremely dry out here and we are being very careful to stay hydrated. Giles is really enjoying his class and I am very excited for him to fullfill his dreams. I have determined that my job while I am out here is to be his support and encouragement. Giles main instructor – Chief Stone – is a great character! He has taken a liking to me because he says I remind him of his wife when they got married . He told me that he is going to try to find some work for me to do out here so I don’t die of boredom. He also invited me to go on the class ” Field trip” with them – so I am going to have the GRAND opportunity to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teaton. Can you believe it? Following the Lord’s wisdom has been advantagous so far! Maybe being married to a Ranger won’t be so bad after all…who knows maybe I’ll even join the park system myself.

I am still a little bit apprehensive about being out here for the whole summer . I mean when icecream is $7 a box and the nearest Walmart is 45 miles away who wouldn’t be? But, I am still at peace and know it was the right decision to make.

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