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A New Trail

June 5, 2010

Just before my feet hit the ground I make a goal.

Today my goal is to finish.

I start slow and steady at a comfortable pace while enjoying my new surroundings –

The desert bloom

A prairie dog as it scurries into its hole.

My foot jerks quickly away from a prickly cactus inches from me

With slightly more effort I reach the middle of my run and my body begins to feel heavy,

Soon I am lifted back into my steady pace as I look beside me and see a stout mare and her wobbly kneed foal with the white face.

They greet me every day and with their curious eyes encourage me to go on so I can visit them again.

I keep running.

The sun jumps out from behind the clouds and laughs at me as my pace begins to slow. It’s rays glare down at me as if to tell me I need to run a little bit faster.

With just a few agonizing minutes left on my watch I can see the end. Suddenly a bird lands on the fence slowly passing beside me.

She sings a mocking song as if to torment me with the message so strong in my mind that I will never reach the end.

Finally I push her aside along with all of my destructive thoughts.

I see the end.

I feel the wind in my face.

I hear the music pounding in my head.

I smell the rare desert blooms.

At last I taste victory as I  slowly come to a stop.

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  1. inspiredbytherain permalink*
    June 8, 2010 4:46 AM

    I am so happy to see you find your pen again. I love you Dandilion!

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