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" I Married a Ranger "

June 12, 2010

Tonight I finished my second book of the summer called ” I Married a Ranger” Written by  Mrs. “White Mountain” Smith. This lady was a clerk from West Virginia who moved to the Grand Canyon to work as the first woman clerk there. While she began her new job she met “White Mountain” the Chief Ranger at the Park. Throughout the book she tells many adventurous stories they experienced together. Oddly enough she ended the book with a story about how an explosion of dynamite caved her roof in right over her head while she was quietly sewing. The last paragraph she wrote goes like this –

 ” White Mountain , give me your pocketbook. I’m going to buy a ticket to West Virginia. I’ve had enough of the great open spaces,” I continued.

“Why go now? he wanted to know. “You’ve escaped death from fire, flood, and fools. Might as well stay and see it through.”

So we started shoveling the dirt.

Excerpt from ” I Married a Ranger” By: Dama Margaret Smith, published in 1930.

I have a feeling my life as a Rangers wife is going to be quite the adventure!

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