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Ragged Old Flag – Johnny Cash

July 5, 2010

We spent our Fourth of July on the road for 15 hours on our way back from Arizona. While I wasn’t too excited about spending one of my favorite holiday’s  on the road I actually ended up enjoying it and appreciating our country even more! I’ve learned  that making road trips across the country is one of the best ways to know what America really is about and appreciate the beauty that usually is only seen on the movies or read about in books.  We drove through four states this weekend – Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. Each state is unique in it’s own way and each state adds a little something different to the great USA to make her what she is! Last night Giles and I  were lucky enough to be able to enjoy some fireworks in the town of Mesa Verde , CO while filling up our gas tank. I stood next to Giles thinking about everything going on around us. Family’s standing together in awe of the red, white, and blue sparks flying in the air,  advertisements coming through the speakers on the gas pump to come inside the  station to get some donuts and fresh coffee,  firetrucks whizzing by probably on their way to put out a fire some teenagers started while shooting off their own fireworks. The conveniences and protection of this country we live in overwhelmed me at that moment and I thought about how blessed we are to be able to enjoy the things we do. Whenever I think about our freedom here I always stop and think about the freedom so many people don’t have in other countries. The fact that people are beaten constantly by their own government, and can’t even have clean water to drink grieves me to no end. I wish I could share this freedom that I so often take for granted. But, even though we experience such great freedom in America, I also consider the fact that God has given me more freedom than many in my own country have  even experienced and this grieves my heart even more! I realized this year that unlike the freedom I have in America, the freedom I have in Christ is something that I can share with others. This is such a challenging reality that God has revealed to my heart and something so much more important than the freedom any  country can give!

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