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A New Future

July 8, 2010

I’m sitting here eating my ice cream trying to decide how to begin this post. I need to write it because it is a very important change in our lives, but it is hard to say because in a way it is bad news for my family and friends, and yet great news at the same time for what I hope to be a strong beginning to our marriage.

I guess I’ll start by saying that the last place on earth I would have ever expected to hear Giles say we might move is to Arizona. However I have had since the beginning of the summer to ponder this idea, and now it has slowly become a reality and honestly I’m ok with it. I would not say that I am thrilled at this point.I would definitely say I’m scared. I would also say that I’m excited because it will be an adventure and I will be with my best friend and lover.

Ok, so some of you still may have no idea what I am talking about. On July 4th of 2010 Giles was given a tentative job offer by Chief Ranger Flannery at Chiricahua National Monument – closest town Willcox, AZ 35 miles away. Giles accepted. His next step will be the long process of a federal background check which should clear in about 2-3 months and he will than be officially hired.

I’m going to be honest here. It’s not always something I like to tell people, but Giles has been out of a job since March of 2009. However, during that time he finished his degree and collected money from the VA     ( GI bill, military for those of you unfamiliar ) . Last year was not an easy year by any means. We began a lawsuit over our house that is pretty much worthless because people were dishonest. Got billed thousands of dollars worth of lawyers fees. Giles was out of a job, other than his monthly reserve weekend and a few weeks of training here and there. I babysat and waitressed and went through a year of nursing school only to bring in even less than what Giles was bringing in with the military. We lived in a 750 sq. ft. apartment with a 60 pound dog, and than to top it all off Giles tells me he wants to go to this class in CO for the summer leaving me with nothing to do! Ok, so it sounds pretty rough right? Your right, it was…and is… OCCASIONALLY.  I’ve learned that when your going through something bad, it’s not nearly as hard as it would seem from someone else’s perspective. Giles and I had our rough moments, but we made it through this far and have only grown stronger in the Lord and each other.

Back to the present. Currently we are in Rangely, CO probably the smallest town in the state. The fact that I am out here with Giles is yet again a sign of God’s work. The fact that I found a job out here for the summer is just plain miraculous. Anyway, at this school Giles is in a Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program where under normal circumstances he would be prepared only to be able to take a seasonal park ranger job which would force us to move around every 6 months for the next 2-3 years until he could make status and gain a full time job. However, because Giles is in the military he has Veterans preference and there just so happened to be a small monument down in AZ that only hires military. Giles jumped on the opportunity as soon as he heard about it and has been working diligently to obtain the position ever since. On July 4th weekend we made a trip down to Arizona for Giles interview. The day after the interview Giles was offered a full time position as a park ranger and he even gets his own office! Excuse me for a minute, I’m sorry, but did you read that ?? Giles got a FULL TIME ranger position. People…that’s God, there’s no other way to explain it. The park system is really challenging to make status and move up in and Giles was offered a full time position right away at GS-7 level. ( normally he would start out at GS – 5). There are so many things about this job and this summer that I cannot explain to you. Giles needed a job, WE needed this for our family. Honestly I did not think Giles was even going to be able to obtain a seasonal position right away, but God has proved me wrong for about the thousandth time this summer. I don’t know what else to say…how can I be upset about this move? It is obviously in God’s plan for us, we have been praying about this all summer long and I know we have family that have been diligently praying as well. God has revealed himself to me more everyday out here in Rangely , CO and He has taught me how to be content and joyful in the strangest of circumstances.

I’m not going to lie and pretend to be the perfect joyful Christian, when we first drove into Willcox , AZ  I was scared out of my mind. One grocery store.  a beat up looking downtown area, a Family Dollar ( which if you don’t know is a small towns replacement for Walmart ) and the closest Walmart – 2 hours away from our home. At this point we had been driving for a while and I was tired and hungry and let’s face it…I was fighting God. How could God want us to be here? I’d felt as if I’d barely survived the last 5 weeks of Rangely. How could he expect me to survive a whole 3-4 years in a place like Willcox?? But folks, let me tell you something… some food and a night of looking up at the milky way praying to God to have his way will change your heart! On our way out of Willcox I was expressing to Giles how cute the little town was. You see the grocery store was very nice inside and was not overpriced. The “beat up downtown” actually had quite a charm, and I realized that I’ve gotten used to the Family Dollar,  it serves the basic purposes of life. Walmart was only 2 hours away…do I really need to go there every week anyway?  I can survive a small town. I can survive a low social life for a few years. I can even survive struggling to start out my career because you know what? Those things really aren’t that important. What’s important is that I learn to be selfless and love my husband and be his helpmate. What’s important is that I allow God take control of me and use me where he wants me. I know that if I do these things I will be most satisfied. How do I know this? Because I’ve experienced it. If any of you have noticed my past blogs or pictures on facebook … so many of my dreams have come true this summer and I’ve seen so many of God’s wonders that I never thought I would see. Giles and I are more in love than we were even before we got married and I’ve felt God’s closeness more than I probably have in my entire life, and guess what? I was fighting coming out here this summer…

Now, I have to ask myself what more could I really ask for? A successful career? A life of traveling? Yes, those things are great, but in a way I feel like I already have those things – being a faithful wife is my career right now, and traveling? well maybe not out of the country…but what I’ve done is more than enough for now. You see, when you eventually submit to God He WILL give you the desires of your heart. ❤

So the tentative plan, for those of you who are wondering when we will be moving out to Arizona,  is that Giles will probably move out there in October or November of this year.  However, I have a year left of school so I will be staying behind until May.  As you have probably gathered, being a supportive wife is really important to me, but finishing college is a part of what is going to help me be a better woman and Giles is in full support of this decision.  Having an ideal marriage is an unreality…working through the glitches is what makes it beautiful. Giles  will have 7 months of paid training left to do after he gets the job that I may or may not to be able to follow him on. We  have seen God work His miracles before and so we are praying He will allow Giles to be in training while I finish school.  No matter what happens I know if we are following God it will work out for the best. I am keeping an open heart and no final decisions have been made about this, but when they are made I hope and pray my close friends and family will not judge but be confident that we have sought the Lord in our decisions. However, I cannot force a human mind not to judge so that is my final word on that.

This entry is very close to my heart and has revealed a lot about our lives in the past couple of years. God has been shaping us and still is and I hope that you would pray for us as we struggle to keep Him at the center of our marriage for the rest of our lives together. For those of you reading this that don’t believe in God, I hope it has revealed something about Him that you may not have know before. Friends, please keep in touch , I know life is going to be lonely for a while and I would appreciate all the calls, letters, and visits we can get when we do move out to Arizona. If you ever want to visit the Grand Canyon, it is only five hours away and we would love to have you stay with us ! Remember people come from all over the country to see Chiricahua National Monument – our future home!

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  1. Leah Lowe permalink
    July 8, 2010 11:10 PM

    I love you guys so much it isn’t funny!! I totally agree that it is God’s will for you both! Soo excited to hear that you feel God in your life!!! 😀 I WILL be sure to visit you guys out in Arizona! I will keep in touch over the phone as well…… I’ve been so busy lately and I’m sorry that I have had to cut some conversations short. I look forward to catching up with you soon ❤

  2. Louise Kay permalink
    July 11, 2010 6:59 PM

    Danielle, I finally got a chance to read your blog about how God is working in your life. This is a blessing for me to read and see how God is entwined in all your thoughts…and how you recognize Him. I think this is a blog you should go back and read yourself periodically and let it remind you that God brought you where you are. I look forward to seeing God continue to work in and through you. Maybe you will be able to reach out to Indians in that area like Dottie. Maybe you could visit her, too. Love you.

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