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The Traveling Mole

July 30, 2010

As I finished up packing tonight I told Giles, “don’t forget the traveling mole!”  He goes everywhere with us. He has moved with us several times now and has many more moves to come . The mole always sits right near our doorway to say hello and goodbye to all of our fellow travelers that might stay for a while.  Our traveling mole is becoming more and more significant in my life. He brings back memories of the past two years of exciting yet seemingly treacherous moves of our married lives and he reminds me of my many apprehensions of the moves to come.

Tomorrow we will move again and the mole will faithfully travel with us, sitting in his lonely hole waiting out a long trip back to the Carolina’s…the place I like to call home.

Home. A word that is sadly becoming an unsteady place in my mind these days. Giles and I will be returning to Charleston without an actual home to snuggle up together in. Instead we will be staying in a hotel for the next few weeks provided by the military while he is on orders, and from there we are not really sure. I would like to say home is where ever we are together, but that doesn’t really work either because Giles and I are preparing for the months ahead that may require us to be apart for short periods of time. So needless to say, I’m really not sure where home is right now.

Obviously we are not your typical married couple living in the suburbs with all of our ducks in a row and to be honest I’m glad we aren’t. That would just be too boring. However, being outside of the norm can be a real challenge at times. I knew we would be unique, we always have been from the moment we started but that’s what makes being married fun. Through all the craziness over the past couple of years we are more in love than ever and that’s all that really matters right now.

So, tomorrow we will begin a long journey back to the South and the traveling mole and I are looking forward to being back in the familiar place I will call home for now.

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  1. Hannah permalink
    August 10, 2010 2:32 PM

    Hey Dani! I was “cleaning out” my e-mail account, and realized I never read your blog. I just read all the entries…and they are all inspiring and a reflection of your faithfulness to God and each other.

    Love you,


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