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“Bears in My Kitchen”

October 13, 2010

Posted on my Previous Blog May 25, 2010

Today I finished my first book of the summer called,  ”Bears in My Kitchen” written by Margaret Merrill the wife of National Park Ranger Bill Merrill. This book was recommended to me by Chief Ranger Stone, one of Giles main instructors here on campus. When I started it I was interested to gain some insight on what the life of a ranger’s wife is like, but I had no idea how many adventures I would find inside. The most inspiring part of the book to me was at the very end when Margaret closes the book with their love story. Here is an excerpt where Margaret tells about the night she met her future ranger. They were at a dance and a seasonal ranger grabbed Margaret away from Bill ( because he had been dancing with her first) and this is what happened ,

” I’m taking Miss Becker home,”  he said.

“Oh!” I gasped. “If your ready, Miss Becker?”

” Just a minute,” Bill said. ” Miss Becker is my girl. We didn’t know we were going to meet here tonight. You understand?”

The sumer ranger didn’t understand, and said so. “This girl,” Bill said evenly, “is the one I am going to marry. Understand now?”

He did.

I didn’t.

The next night Bill made it perfectly clear. We were with a group at Indian Caves, singing around a campfire when he leaned close and whispered, ” I wasn’t fooling last night. I’m going to marry you. “

“Good heavens!” I exclaimed. “You scarcely know me. “

“Known you all my life. We just didn’t meet,” he said earnestly. ” I’ve always known the tone of your voice, the way you would smile, the sparkle in your eye. You’re not someone I’ve known just a few short hours; I’ve been in love with you for years. It’s just that you took so long getting here.”

I was too confused for a moment to make a reply . “I’ve never been in love, ” I finally told him. ” I want to be certain it’s you not the forest. You see, I’ve always dreamed of living in the forest, the mountains, ever since I was a little girl in pigtails. Now  you’re offering to make that dream come true.  Don’t you see? I’ve got to know. “

She goes on to tell that in a few short months she and Bill were happily married.  In the very last paragraph Margaret says this –

” Through the past twenty-five years every desire I’ve known has been fulfilled. Unlike Mahomet, who repaired to the hills when they refused his bidding, I have had the mountains come to me. Not that I in any manner was as wise as the sagacious old sage, but because the mountains, the forest all that has made my life complete, came as an added bonus accompanying the man I married – my ranger.”

Wow. What a beautiful love story. After finishing this book I realized something profound in my life. You see, I’ve been with Giles since I was 16. I had never dated any other boys. Giles was 19 about to turn 20. What father in his right mind would allow us to start dating? But, mine did. Down at the creek behind my house on August 28th, a hot summer day, Giles told me he loved me and that was that. From that day on we’ve been together. For 2 years we dated long distance and for almost 3 years we waited in anguish to be married.  We had our battles, we had our doubts, but all the time deep in my heart I knew Giles was the one for me. I could sit here all day and try to explain to you why I fell in love with Giles, but when it comes down to it the Lord brought us together.  At the very young age of 18 I was to be married to my handsome 23 year old airman. For 5 long months I listened to many wise adults tell me that I should not get married so young. But, despite the counsel I received, I chose to  listen to the Lord and I  married the man of my dreams and I have no regrets that I did!

Now 2 years later my husband is training to become a Park Ranger. Like Margaret, I have always dreamed to livoutside of the city close to God’s beautiful creation and thoughmy story is slightly different than her’s my dream is slowly becoming a reality.  I have always know there was a specific reason God brought Giles and I together. It was so strange for me to meet my husband at such a young age and for Giles it was strange to date someone so young. But, I believe with all my heart God made us compatible for each other and I am beginning to see more and more every day, as Giles moves toward his future career, why God brought us together.

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