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October 13, 2010

This blog is the diary of a National Park Ranger’s wife.  My diary will include a lot of what you would normally find in a womans diary – love, frustration, joy, emotion, men, hopes, dreams, and the list goes on. But there will be something exceptional about my diary. You see I am a National Park Ranger’s wife. I might say that a lot on my first few posts because you have to understand, my husband just got his first job as a National Park Ranger.

Giles (my husband ) does not have a typical job and does not live in a typical place. My diary is not going to consist of suburban monotonies on topics such as community pools, the neighbors yard, horrendous  traffic jams, mom play-dates at the mall and all of those topics, entertaining as they might be…

No, my diary is different. You see, where we will be living is in the middle of no where.  I am not talking about a farm that looks like theres nothing around it but in reality is only ten minutes from the grocery store. I’m literally talking about in the middle of nowhere, like the closest uncivilized town is 45 minutes away, and the nearest Walmart is and hour and a half away. For this reason you might read some emotional  entries. Where we live you can look out your window and see beautiful mountains,  at night you can  step out onto your porch and  see the milky way, and when you step off the porch to take your dog on a walk you might need to brace yourself because a deer could be standing feet away. For this reason there might be some cheerful entries. Where I live there are miles of hiking trails minutes away, mountain lions roam the mountains, and coati-mundi have chosen it as the only place in the United States to live. For this reason you might read some adventurous entries. In my husbands profession he won’t come home telling my about the jerk he chewed out on the phone behind his cubicle and he won’t come home miserable because he hates his job. No, my husband will come home happy . My husband will come home and he will still be on the job , because he lives at his job, but he won’t complain. The stories I hear from my ranger could range from a  recovery team he was on due to a double suicide all the way to writing a ticket to a park visitor because they were trying to pet a bear.

My diary will not be private. I want to share the adventures I experience living in the wild. I want to tell you what I do in my free time with a woodstove and a clothesline (ok it’s not that old school, but I DO have those things). I want other’s to gain from my experiences and live along with me as I attempt to live a life that I never saw coming!

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  1. Giles permalink
    October 13, 2010 7:49 PM

    I like it Dani, you might just inspire me to do a mate blog called ‘The diary of a Ranger’s wife’s Ranger”!

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