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A Far Away Wife

October 15, 2010

You must understand one minute detail before I begin posting a lot or you may be confused. You see I am currently thousands of miles away from my husband finishing school. This is just another part of life being a ranger’s wife. As a National Park Ranger Giles will have  to do a lot of training and sometimes he will have to go on special assignments. There will be other times in our lives together that we will, well…not be together.

However, right now we are separated because of my special mission AKA Graduating. Getting my degree. I’ll admit it has not been easy, but we are working through it. We are not that clingy couple that attend each other’s doctor’s appointments so in a sense this lifestyle has not been too shocking , but we are not a ‘roommate’ couple either so we do miss each other.

Being apart is something we grew accustomed to for about two years of our dating relationship, so in a sense God has prepared us. Independence has been a necessity then and now. I like being an independent woman, but then again, I am not all into the women’s lib mov’t and I would like to be  cleaning my own house and cooking my husband dinner again someday soon. It’s not that Giles demands this of me, most days it’s quite the opposite, but this desire to do these things is in my nature and as odd as it may sound I miss my “wifely duties.”

In the mean time we have rediscovered video chat, movie dates, sharing pictures, and soon I’m sure the letters will start arriving.

So while I’m away I will be trying to vicariously live in Arizona through Giles and I feel that I have somewhat accomplished this task. Recently I have been bouncing down the hallway of our new house as my eyes look out the window of a lap top. Sometimes I sit on top of the counter and watch Giles make dinner wishing I could help, the other night I was carried outside to look at the gigantic pile of chopped wood my man has conquered. In the morning we eat breakfast together and I call the dog who cocks his head at the funny noise and face shining through the computer screen.

There are some things I am still missing like getting a glimpse of the milky way before I go to bed, or hiking the trails that are right outside the door, and of course I am living without my husband’s loving touch which is one of those things I just try not to think about. But, all in all technology has created a whole new world of opportunities for the couple who must endure these trying long distance circumstances and I am thankful for that.

Since I can’t go along on the hikes ( that my husband gets to go on while he is working ) Giles has tried to bring the hike to me. The pictures I have included in this post are what will surround us in our future years living at  Chiricahua National Monument. Oh, and there’s also a picture of Giles lunch…sardines and triscuits what did you expect? Thankful that he makes me shake my head and nag him even thousands of miles away.

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  1. October 17, 2010 4:50 AM

    let’s keep this simple. i don’t know nor will comment (tho’ i think i could) about marital or collegiate aspects of your life. “what attracted me to you” was that you had a natural fluid efficient natural running style/stride/gait and i was really impressed. (like “this person is a natural runner, who intuitively innately knows what this is about”)

    keep the runnin’ stuff up. train at least 3 or 4 times a week (unless you’re already doin’ that, then ramp up to one more time a week!) you could, you really could and will, become a running monster!

    • Inspired By the Rain permalink*
      October 17, 2010 2:12 PM

      Ok Jay! You’ve motivated me to go running this morning! There is going to be great running out in the park by the way, lots of trails, hills, and long roads!

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