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Next time your Enjoying a National Park Remember This…

November 26, 2010

After talking with my husband yesterday I realized our holidays may never be the same. Anything could happen when your husband is a park ranger. I read several books that were supposed to prepare me for this statement, but I am not sure I will ever be ready to deal with that life until I come to it face to face.

Yesterday, for instance Giles spent five hours dealing with some idiots who decided to do drugs and such on Thanksgiving day. My thoughts are why would they be so inconsiderate as to inconvenience park rangers on Thanksgiving day to do illegal activity? I mean really, drugs on Thanksgiving when you are supposed to contemplating life , family, and friends and how thankful you are for it all? Of course, I know that is a naive question, and they probably didn’t have a whole lot to be thanful for anyways, but these innocent thoughts are always the first thing to run through my mind.

So, after feeling sorry for my husband all night …I thought this article was quite appropriate –

Next time you visit a national park, remember your rangers and appreciate them because they take many risks and sacrifice their precious time and even pumpkin pie to make sure you stay safe while your on vacation. ( Yes, even think happy thoughts when they are writing you a ticket for some silly tourist thing you did. )

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