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“Bus Rides Make Better Blogs”

December 23, 2010

I landed in Tucson on Sunday with mixed emotions. I had become a confident, strong woman, but I was about to step back into my comfortable, loving life of being married and I was looking forward to it.  However, there was one major obstacle in my way before I could have that life back. The city bus. A few weeks earlier Giles and I were discussing where we would meet when I landed. Due to the nature of his new job and the distance of our home from the airport, Giles was not going to be able to pick me up right when I landed. As I have said, I had become much more independent in the past couple of months and I naively told Giles, ” oh babe, I’ll just take a bus and wait for you somewhere. ”  I wanted to take the pressure off of him , and show him I could hold my own so I took the city bus.

So, back to the beginning. I landed in Tucson on Sunday.  With the help of a man ( you know I’m so independent and all ) I finally got my huge suitcase, packed for three weeks in the mountains, off of the luggage wheel.  Finally I was ready to find a bus. I turned around and right there in front of me was a big desk labeled transportation with two smiling ladies behind it. I rushed over to them and asked them what bus I should take to get to my hotel. Much to my dismay their nice bus was going to cost me twenty five dollars. But! They told me where I could find the city bus. So I headed out to my personal adventure with a debit card and my life on wheels rolling behind me.

I walked out the doors that they directed me to and immediately realized how silly I had been for wearing a sweater. It was at least 80 degrees…and really what did I expect, I was in the desert! So, I continued walking…in my new heels ( hey , they weren’t stilettos or anything)  to where I thought would be a well marked bus stop.  After waiting for about 10 minutes at a sign that said city bus, I impatiently got up and went inside to make sure I was at the right place. The border patrol guys didn’t know anything about the bus, but the nice little man at the tourist trap did, he also informed me that they did not take a debit card, so I had to find an ATM.  Finally after my 30 minute detour and blisters beginning to form I headed back out to the bus stop. Five minutes after I sat down the bus came and I was relieved. I heaved my 49.6 pound suitcase ( I was under the limit! ) up the stairs and handed the driver a twenty.  If any of you are not quite as naive as I am you will know what I am about to say next.  The cute little old bus driver suddenly became very grumpy and looked at me like I was crazy. He handed the twenty back and proceeded to tell me that the city bus does NOT have change! By that point I had become internally very angry at my husband for not offering to just simply take a couple of hours off of work and pick me up at the airport. I was tired of being strong, and about ready to give in to my need for my man. The bus would not wait for me, of course, and I stomped down the stairs as my luggage banged down behind me.

I bought some gum and got my change and was informed that the next bus would not be there for another hour. So, I waited…and waited…and finally I was on the bus and on my way to the hotel. I sat there on the bus for the next forty five minutes wearing my bright red coat with what had now become my companion of a suitcase sitting in front of me. I was taking up two seats with my carry on bag filling the seat beside me. If you know the kinds of people that generally take the city bus, you will know that they probably thought I was some spoiled rich girl who was definitely lost. But, I was really neither of those. I was just a middle class girl trying to make it safely to her husband. I didn’t exactly fit in there on the city bus, but it was worth the experience and plus it only cost me a dollar…well that and a lot of time.

There is a happy ending! I was finally reunited with my husband at a famous western hotel in the heart of Tuscon called ” Hotel Congress” ( It’s were John Dillinger was found in case you were wondering). My husband may not have been able to pick me up from the airport, but he did put band-aids on my blisters and bought me a very nice dinner to make up for it.  Finally, I can relax for a little while and let my man take care of me like it was meant to be.

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