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Long Ride Home

January 7, 2011

Giles had a doctor’s appointment today. After the appointment we ironically decided to stuff our faces at Pizza Hut and somehow I felt a sense of normalcy there. I didn’t see cowboy hats and boots everywhere I glanced, and I didn’t smell Mexican food coming from the kitchen. I actually felt like I was in a normal town, although I will tell you I never eat at Pizza Hut so that part was little weird.

On our way back home ( remember it takes about 45 minutes ) we had a very strange experience. For one thing I was still eating… in all tonight I ate FOUR breadsticks, two slices of pizza, a salad, and chocolate pudding. I know…gross. For those of you who don’t know me I am actually underweight and getting my degree in health promotion – so this was very strange behavior. I also*gasp*  sprinkled some salt on my pizza! ( something I generally would avoid at all costs)

Besides my strange eating patterns, Giles and I had the strangest conversations. It started when we were listening to his new CD ‘Muse’ and Giles discovered the reason that he likes them so much… apparently they sound like a frog who swallowed Beethoven!

Several minutes later Giles came up with a new invention ( all because I had to pee). Get this folks the latest and greatest fad is now coming to your town- “Zipper Tones!” Yes that’s right…zipper tones. Now you can choose your favorite ringtone to play whenever you unzip your pants! He especially thought it would be appropriate when using a public restroom .  Excuse me if this is inappropriate blogging material but it was my husband’s idea and I must say I found it pretty entertaining for the long ride home.

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