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January 21, 2011




‘Running the Great Wall

Carb up with rice and chopsticks

The unknown intrigues’



Tonight I was in a writing mood. I went to and the topic of the day was China. Of all places. I don’t know much about China, and haven’t had a great deal of interest in the country.Tonight however, I was forced to think about it. What would I like to do if I went to China? So I came up with this Haiku and now I know what my heart desires if I ever have the chance to travel to this mysterious land.

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  1. January 26, 2011 3:32 AM

    Hi Danielle!

    As usual, you are awesome. I loved the photo and haiku. If I might be so bold, I will offer up a very somber thought of something that happened 10 years ago.

    Riding in First Class!
    …flying into twin towers?…
    … … …guess I get there first.

    then, something more recent.

    She was only nine.
    She knew she had the best life.
    She was only nine.

    Christina-Taylor Green. Born on 9/11 – 2001. Died on 1/8 – 2011. Rest In Peace.

    Love, Johnny

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