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Hey Stay at Home Mom’s – This one’s for you!

January 23, 2011

I blog as most of you who are reading this may know. I also like to read other people’s blogs. Today on freshly pressed was this woman – ( I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing). I went on to read about who she is and when I finished reading I must say I was filled with admiration. I have been thinking a lot lately about career vs. stay at home mom. I mean I am graduating from college soon and decisions are coming up. (Please don’t bombard me with “are you pregnant?!” posts because I AM NOT.) I’ve just been thinking a lot about my future and my future as a married woman.

In the society we live in today marriage and family seem to be put on the back burner so when a woman steps out of that culturally accepted zone it is shocking and some may shake their heads in disapproval, but I just want to say that I admire that – I admire the strength it takes for a woman to care so much about another person that she would be so selfless as to give up her own dreams and stay at home to fulfill someone else’s. I hope I get to that point someday where I can accept that as my life and become a servant.

I really would love to hear from other women on this topic. I am very interested to know what other opinions or inspiration stories are out there. I would also like to know if I am the only married woman out there who has had this what I would call ‘career driven complex’ – that I have to get through this having a career phase before I start a family. I really am seeking advice on this topic so bring on the comments! As a side note, I am pretty grounded in what my future decisions will be, but it would still help to hear other women’s ( men are not excluded) opinions on the subject.

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  1. January 23, 2011 3:53 AM

    Well I was a career woman for a very long time. When I got pregnant with my first child (whom you know) things just changed. I started to think about the world we live in, the culture we are surrounded and bombarded by and many other things and I didn’t want someone else to rear my child. I wanted to follow God’s call and His commands. He put the new life in me to protect, care for, and instruct. I couldn’t convince myself I could do that while working full-time.

    I want to be there for every moment of all of my children’s lives whether big or small. That’s another reason I chose to homeschool (but that’s a different topic.) I wanted to participate in their lives and train them to follow Christ.

    Now when I finally did get pregnant with my first it was a total surprise. There was no planning. I was not wanting children at that time. I figured it would be way later when we were “established” before we started to think about having kids. God took over and that was that. I have loved every minute of the life I have been given and the beautiful children He entrusted to me.

  2. Mary the OINKteller permalink
    January 23, 2011 5:24 PM

    Thanks for checking out OINKtales and linking to my site. I’m grateful for your admiration but can’t help but feel it’s undeserved. I left my career to focus on my family but I don’t serve them and I don’t consider myself a servant. I wasn’t kidding when I wrote that I am a rather self-centered person. For me, working and raising a family simultaneously made my life too difficult. I needed a break. I was fortunate to have the option to quit – there are lots of women who would like to quit but that option is not available. But truly, leaving my job wasn’t easy. I miss working outside the home. I miss my coworkers and the feeling that I was an “expert” in my field. But at the end of the day, I came to realize that my #1 goal is threefold: 1) to help my children become the best people they can be, 2) to instill in them the values I hold dear, and 3) endeavor to make our family life enjoyable rather than something to be endured (although there are days that they are just that). All I can say is, whether you have kids or you don’t, YOU define your own life. YOU make what you will of it. Best of luck to you. Take good care.

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