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The Lonely National Park

February 3, 2011

Here are some things I learned when I went to Congaree National Park last week.

I learned that it is the only National Park in South Carolina.

It was established as a National Park in 2003 making it the newest park in America.

It holds one of the nations tallest Loblolly Pines which reaches 17 stories into the sky.

The pine is rather wide too and made a nice replacement of my husband for the day

I also learned that the forest within the park is one of the tallest deciduous forests in the world

The Park includes a nice 2 mile boardwalk where you are able to get a full experience of the forest surrounding you as well as the swamp that lies silently beneath your feet.

I hope to return to the park before I move to Arizona so I can enjoy a guided canoe tour!

Overall the park was very peaceful and made for an enjoyable day for my roommate Leslie and I.

I would definitely suggest it to anyone living in SC. The visitor center is full of educational information and there are several hiking trails to help you enjoy the great outdoors and get some exercise!

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