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Sent By A Mule…

February 21, 2011

This weekend I received a beautiful post card of the Grand Canyon from my husband. I proudly pinned it up on my cork board but not because of how sweet and thoughtful Giles was to send it. I pinned it up because there is a rather humorous (although it wasn’t at the time) story behind it.

You see for the last two weeks Giles has been in the GC training for his job (wow, tough training location right!?). Anyway, last weekend he decided to go on a long hiking trip down into the GC. Nothing wrong with that, in fact I would have been thrilled for him except for the fact that he didn’t tell me he was going which meant I did not hear from him for almost 3 days.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a  nagging, overly concerned, “needs to talk to my man every two minutes” kind of wife. In fact I consider myself rather independent and Giles and I have been days without talking without a problem. However, if I needed to get in touch with him, or check up on his safety I knew I could. This particular weekend that was not the case. I tried to call him several times within this 3 day span of time. I was receiving zero communication from him, not through e-mail, face book, twitter, nothing, zero, zilch, nada. I  have to admit I was beginning to get worried. I mean what if he had fallen of the canyon ledge or something?  I hear that happens a lot out there. I just wanted to know he was alive and well, but when he called me in the middle of church on Sunday happily sputtering about how he had just finished an exhilarating hike out of the beautiful canyon I wasn’t sure I wanted him to be alive at the moment . (I hope your catching the exaggerated sarcasm here).

For about five minutes I became that ‘not so nice’ wife that I said I wasn’t a few lines above. Giles just wanted to hang up,  and well I did need to get back into church so we took some time to cool down. Later that night he called me back.  I continued to spout off all of the ways he could have very easily let me know what his weekend plans were. I mean we do live in a very advanced technological society and there are many different ways that he could have let me know what was going on before he left. It would have literally taken one minute!  Giles kept trying to defend himself by saying that he had called me several times before he left. But, did he leave a voicemail? Nope… When he realized that argument wasn’t working he knew he was going to have to take vast measures and ‘ruin his surprise for me.’  The words that were apparently supposed to end this argument spilled from his mouth,

“But, I mailed you a post card Dani! I had it carried up the Grand Canyon by a pack mule and everything!”

I sat in shocked silence for a few minutes trying to comprehend what he was trying to tell me. Somehow my wonderful, loving, so very thoughtful husband thought that all he needed to do to communicate with me that weekend was send me a postcard (carried by a mule none the less) that I would not recieve until a full week later!

After considering this statement for some time, I finally just burst out in laughter. I couldn’t hold it in any longer, who other than my husband , Giles Blumer,  would think that sending me a postcard in a pack mules satchel would make everything ok? Yet, somehow it did…

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  1. Lydia permalink
    February 22, 2011 12:19 AM

    bahaahahahaha. awesome.

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