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Resolution Check In # 2

March 3, 2011

If you have been following me for the past couple of months you would know that I have made it one of my resolutions this year to keep up with my resolutions and check in each month with how I have been doing. This is just a time for me to reflect on my life and gain confidence from what I have accomplished and improve on the goals that I have not yet met.


I feel that I have been very steady in the area of health this semester. My biggest accomplishment is simply being self disciplined enough to eat three meals a day. This means getting up in time to make a quick breakfast and planning ahead enough to make my lunches and plan my dinners. I have been trying really hard not to eat out as much, first of all because it’s always more unhealthy and second of all because it’s EXPENSIVE!

I have been running pretty consistently, but a knee problem has held me back for the last couple of weeks. I did get up to five miles this month and ran my fastest 5k.  Hopefully I will be ready for the Bridge run in April! I have identified a half marathon that I want to run in June as well, check it out here -

I also have started going to zumba once a week which has been more of a mental challenge than physical for me. I really do enjoy it though and it is a great way to stay consistent in my exercise routine! I still haven’t found that yoga class that I want to get involved in yet so that will be on my list for the month of March.


I have gotten into a Bible study with my cousin and some ladies from her church this month. It is a Beth Moore study on the life of David and it has been so encouraging and a great way to keep myself accountable to the Lord. I feel that my faith has grown a lot this semester and instead of worrying about what I’m going to do when I get to Arizona I am slowly learning to put it in the Lord’s hands. There are several people I am reaching out too, but I am happy to say that I am learning to allow people to invest in my life as well. I feel that you can be a better help to others when you yourself are being helped as well.

Academic/ Career

School has been pretty laid back this semester. I have been keeping up with it well and am satisfied with my current grades. Next week I have three midterms on the same day so that is going to be challenging, but after that it’s Spring Break and only eight weeks left until I graduate and am reunited with my husband!!

I have been keeping up with my internship and have been asked to sign another contract to help with promoting the smokefree lowcountry ordinance in local restaurants. I feel that I have gained some excellent experience as well as references through this experience. I have also been doing some volunteer work with the local school which has involved dressing up as a fruit – it was a lot of fun!

I have written my resume, cover letter, and identified my references so building my portfolio is going well. I have called and identified a couple of volunteer/job opportunities in Arizona, but I am not too concerned about that time in my life yet – right now I just want to graduate.

I have begun writing student body e-mails from the health promotion class of 2011, but have not gotten as far as I would like with the Eat Well, Stay Well project we developed for our college campus last semester. I would at least like to see it approved before I graduate so that I can feel as if I left something helpful behind!


I love to write, but most of the time if I have other responsibilities I feel that I have to put them before my pleasure writing or blogging. I have done ok in this area, but would really like to put more effort into it this month. I did open up a new section on my blog called ‘My Bookshelf’ and it lists all of the books I have read and am currently reading in 2011. So if you’re looking for a good book, check it out you might see something interesting!


Unfortunately I was not able to do any traveling last month other than to the beach and back. Gas prices and weekend internship responsibilities have limited me. I was however, delighted by a visit from my mom! In the coming month my goal is to make a trip to Savannah possibly during my spring break! I do know however that I will for sure be going to Greenville to visit the family.

As Husband and Wife

We have had our ups and downs this month and have tried different ways of communicating, but ultimately we are handling the distance the best that we know how. I have tried to be encouraging and supportive but I won’t lie and say that it is always easy from this far away. I love Giles with all of my heart and cannot wait to be back with him to accomplish some of the goals I had listed in my original list of resolutions. I will say that I have come to appreciate my husband more and more since we have been apart; whoever said “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” wasn’t lying!


I have taken time out for myself and relaxed this month. Friends have become a big hobby because they fill up that lonely place in my heart. I have not however made time for knitting or scrapbooking which I plan to do this month. I have to finish the baby blanket that I am working on by April or it will be too late! I am still reading and did accomplish my goal of opening up a book log like I mentioned earlier.

Now it’s your turn, what did you accomplish in the month of February?

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