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A Bend in the Road

May 19, 2011

If you haven’t noticed already, recently I have been limiting the number of  my posts on this blog. The reason being is because I had planned for my writing here to be associated with the life of a park rangers wife. You know, posts that include things like having a close encounter with a mountain lion,  being involved with a search and rescue, climbing to the highest mountain in Arizona, that sort of thing. But, as some of my readers may know I have not exactly felt that I fit the role of a park rangers wife for the past 7 months  due to the distance that has separated my husband and I.

A few weeks ago a slot opened up for Giles to go to his required FLETC training (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) in Georgia. I will not be able to stay with him during the weekdays so I will be staying a few hours away in Greenville with family.  This training will be from July through October. After October he will be required to go to another National Park (we are not sure where yet) to do more training from November through January. We are unsure if I will be able to go with him for this last training, but most likely I will. So needless to say it is starting to dawn on me that this distance, this adventure or instability whichever you would like to call it, is all part of being a rangers wife! I especially realized this after today when Giles told me we will not be settling into our home for the remaining weeks before FLETC, but rather we will be staying in a hotel in Tucson while he does his annual training for the Air National Guard.

Years ago when Giles and I started dating I found this quote, ” Life Happens While Your Making Other Plans.” It was very appropriate for my life at the time because I thought Giles was ‘off limits.’ I was young and never thought that we could have a future, but life happened while I was making other plans. Ironically this quote has held steady throughout the years and our journey together has been full of unexpected turns ever since.

I cannot say that I view every curve and bend in the road as an exciting adventure. Sometimes it is beautiful on the other side and sometimes it is not. I do want to say however, that through these turns we learn to adapt, we learn to adjust, we learn to love each other with a deeper love than we would ever experience without the challenges and this to me is the beauty of marriage.

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