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Wedding Cards – the Ridiculous and the Insightful

May 25, 2011

I’m supposed to be packing right now, and I promise I am working on it. But it never fails that while packing there is always the box that you know will take at least an hour to go through… you know the box with the photo’s and cards and the poems you wrote in junior high. That box.

I recently stumbled across this box and not only did I sit on the floor going through stacks of memorabilia making important decisions like whether or not my children would benefit from my saving these cards years from now,  but I also became inspired to write a blog about it.

Amidst the love notes, random photos, and birthday cards from long lost cousins, I also came across some wedding cards.

Some of these cards were unbearably goddy

Some of the quotes were just shallow and silly

But then there were the cards that had some depth. The one’s in which you could tell the person truly cared for your happiness and wanted to share what they believed would be helpful on the new and challenging journey about to be taken by two unsuspecting young people.

If you have read my blog lately you would know that married life for us has not been a ‘normal’ one. We have traveled the country, been torn apart by distance,  and are going on our 5th move and second time apart. Despite all of these hardships I have found being married to Giles to be the greatest joy of my life. These quotes from some of our friends today reminded me why I am willing to pack all of my things once more and follow my man across the country. Thank you to those who have  taken the time and effort to give a young couple some heartfelt advice. To know that others have been there and understand what your going through is one of the best forms of encouragement I know.

May you celebrate your similarities, minimize your differences, and grow together – even as you grow separately on this journey through life. – Mary Graf

May you keep the Lord foremost in this relationship. Lean on Him when times get tough. Always trust him and concentrate wholely on being the man and woman of God for each other – Deb and Ty Atkins

This quote I just had to share ~ insightful, funny, shocking, and important.

May Jesus bless your socks off with much love, understanding, forgiveness and great-lava-hot-married sex! – David and Kelly Bosely

This last quote was my very favorite. It is the advice I give to anyone I know that is getting married. This statement and keeping God at the center is the glue that holds us together.

Remember your love and adoration for each other today and keep it always. Whether 19 or 39 , age doesn’t matter. It’s the commitment to each other that will make your marriage a happy one. – Keith and Deborah Powell

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