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Making the Most of Life Long Distance

September 24, 2011

Despite the distance, Giles and I have found some good ways to make the most of some short weekends together.

For Labor Day weekend we got to go to Seaworld! They graciously support the military and so we were able to get free admission.

We splurged a little bit on our hotel, but we were not quite expecting the gigantic room we stepped into! It even had a table, though we never could figure out why…

I was pretty excited about the miniature Shamu that was on the bathtub

…and the funny round pillow!

This trip was my third time at Seaworld and Giles couldn’t even count the number of times he had been, but it was still just as fun as ever! My favorite thing there were the sealions (and manatees, but they were hard to capture) –

The Clyde and Seamore Show is always the best part of the day at Seaworld!

There were of course the really corny shows such as the humans, dolphins, and birds (you can’t forget the birds) that danced together. Giles and I were a little bit weird-ed out by that. The ‘Shamu Worship’ show is always a little bit disturbing as well, but it’s all a part of the experience.

Stay tuned for our next weekend adventure !

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