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Wonderful Waterfalls

November 27, 2011

So far living in the Smoky Mountains has brought about some unique challenges – like trying to live a normal life in a tourists environment. But, living here has also presented me with some rare and beautiful opportunities like being able to hike to as many waterfalls as my heart desires. Over the next few months I will be posting pictures of the waterfalls I visit as well as a brief description of the hike to the waterfall.  There are over 40 falls in the park, so I shouldn’t be running out of things to write about anytime soon!

I am hoping that these descriptions will be helpful to any of you reading this who might be planning a future visit to the Smoky Mountains. I will attempt to make these waterfall posts short and sweet but if you have any questions that I may not fully answer on the post please feel free to comment with a question. I love to talk hiking!

One of the first waterfalls I visited by myself was called Cataract Falls and I have a feeling it might become a common place for me to enjoy my lunch as it is less than half a mile away from our house.

If you are visiting the park you can get to Cataract Falls by taking the nature trail behind the Sugarlands Visitor Center (VC) or by parking behind headquarters (the building right behind the VC).Either way the ‘hike’ is a very short 0.2-0.4 mile round trip.

I would describe this as a very easy hike as the trail is pretty flat. It is a great choice for older parents and young children! The falls are not spectacular but it is still a good way to enjoy nature for those who are less able to go on longer trails.  The old growth forest you will walk through to get there is beautiful! If you are able to visit please be sure and leave a comment for other readers and if it’s anytime in the next two months be sure to stop by the house and say hi!


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