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Lots of Love for Baby B

February 2, 2012

Before we left for Arizona my best friend and sisterly figure  in my life, Torrey, threw me a wonderful baby shower. I could not have asked for a better day. I was surrounded by my loving friends and family celebrating this new baby girl that is about to fill my heart even more than I can imagine!

Of course I loved the bird theme she chose and the food was almost too beautiful to eat!

Aside from the quality time I was able to spend with everyone we also received some much needed gifts for the baby. I feel much more prepared for her arrival now!

Below I have compiled a short slideshow of just a few of my favorite highlights of the day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After switching prenatal care three times I really needed a sense of normalcy in my pregnancy and the baby shower was the perfect fix. After it was all over I was overwhelmed and reminded by everyone that I am very blessed with their love and care. I know that even if we are far away our daughter is going to have many people in her life that want to love her as much as they have loved me and that means more than anyone can ever know.

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