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Traveling Joys at 34 Weeks

February 7, 2012

Well yes this is me at 34 weeks modeling the bump at my baby shower so the ladies could guess my circumference for the fun little game they played.

I am feeling rather large these days. Currently I am 35 weeks and have finally arrived in Arizona after a long 5 day journey on the road. I drank lots of water, walked and stretched every two hours, and let Giles drive the whole way back. Some days it got pretty uncomfortable but overall it really wasn’t that bad. I didn’t even suffer from any swelling so that was nice.

You would think we would be settled by now, but we’re not. We arrived at our new home (which we had never actually seen before) on Saturday and unpacked our trailer of stuff that we brought back from Greenville. The rest of our house was still packed in a storage unit in town so we camped on the floor in front of our new fireplace. It might look fun, but trust me being almost 9 months pregnant and sleeping on a hard floor do not mix too well…

The next day we packed our suitcases once again and headed two hours north to Tucson for Gi’s annual military training. Yes, you guessed it, we are tired of traveling. Even my husband, who embraces change, is ready to be settled for a while. We are both feeling the pressure of the baby coming and know that we have a lot to do to get our new house ready for the little one. Thankfully we will only be here for one week and than I can finally say that we will be settling down for a while. I cannot wait!

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