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Pre-labor story

April 2, 2012

Throughout my life I had always heard my mom talk about what an easy natural birth she had with me. She took only a tylenol and was laughing as she pushed me out. This was really the only way I had allowed myself to envision my own child’s birth. Oh I knew it probably wouldn’t be like that for me, but I wanted to believe that it would.  I had always planned to have a natural birth.  My personal belief is that God created me as a woman with the beautiful and strong ability to carry and deliver my children – wow what a special privilege that no man can ever top! I wanted to allow myself to feel what it was  created to do and I also did not want my child to be under any type of unnecessary risk with an epidural or any other pain medications.

Let me tell you, I heard everyone’s opinion about my choice. Mostly I heard things like – once your in labor you’ll probably change your mind. It was so frustrating and honestly just pushed me more towards my goal of having natural child birth. After doing a lot of research I decided that I wanted to birth in a birth center because there is a lot less chance of unnecessary intervention, but because of our distance from the birth center in Tucson this did not become a reality and instead I planned to birth in a hospital with a midwife. I wrote out a careful birth plan (which I will share in my next post in case your interested) and hired a doula to be sure that my desire for a natural childbirth was fulfilled.

So now that you know my thoughts, lets get to the actual birth story shall we?

39 weeks – I had my first exam and was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I was told I would most likely deliver before the week was up. Despite some cramping, Giles and I made the 2 hour journey back home to wait and see when little Miss Audrey decided to arrive. We waited and waited.  I thought it would be any day and I did everything I could think of to speed it up. I walked, hiked, bounced on the birthing ball, and I could go on and on. My 40 week appointment was coming up and there was still no baby, I was getting pretty impatient at this point. Giles and I got ready to head into town again and brought along our hospital bags just in case.

40 weeks -I had my second exam and was 4 cm and 100%. Wow. The midwife couldn’t believe she was seeing me again. She said it would be any day now. I was getting really nervous because new research has come out that has caused even  many midwives to believe that it is important to induce by 41 weeks due to the placenta aging and other risks. As you know an induction was not in my plan. The midwife was very understanding about my opinion and beliefs and said that they could not force me to induce and if I refused consent they would just need to do an ultrasound every other day to make sure the baby was still ok. This was a problem for us though because we lived 2 hours away- at this point an induction was looking like more and more of a reality and that was really stressing me out. I asked the midwife to strip my membranes to see if that would help things progress. After my appointment I began to have some braxton hicks contractions that were more clear to me than before. They were pretty inconsistent, but because of all of the other factors going on in my body Giles and I made the decision to get a hotel and stay in town to see if anything would happen in the next day or so.

We ended up staying in town the whole week living out of our bags that were packed for just 2 days. We enjoyed our last days together as just the two of us and had some nice dates and a long walk in Saguaro National Park. I went to my doula’s house a couple of times to walk with her and bounce on the birthing ball. I was still trying desperately to encourage Audrey’s arrival before the 41 week mark.

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  1. April 2, 2012 8:13 PM

    Can’t wait to read the rest. I remember your mom telling me her birth story.
    Hope you and Audrey are adjusting well. Maybe she and Emmeline can be pen pals one day. Love you and miss you!

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