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One Month Old

April 23, 2012

It has been such a joy to watch our little girl grow and change in her first month, here are some things we have noticed:

She has developed some chubby little cheeks that are just so much fun to kiss.

She loves to lay on her back and wiggle all around.

She is a very loud pooper!

She is staying awake more often and is very alert and aware.

She follows objects briefly with her eyes.

During tummy time she lifts her head just a little bit longer.

She loves people and when she is in a large crowd she is very content to quietly listen to the voices.

Her mama appreciates the 4 to 5 hour stretches that she has been sleeping most nights.

Looking at herself in the mirror has become one of her favorite playtime activities.

Grunts and high pitched coos have become a part of her vocabulary.

She is a daddy’s girl all the way and calms down quickly when she is safe in his strong arms.

 I can honestly say that this first month has been a very peaceful month filled with contentment for me. Oh yes of course there have been the typical challenges – the lack of sleep being the most difficult. But, overall I would say that I have been blessed with a very good baby.  We will see what the following months have to offer as I can tell that she is starting to become more vocal – I have a feeling it won’t always be this simple but for now I am going to enjoy the many quiet, contented moments we share.

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  1. May 3, 2012 6:41 PM

    for the most part, sounds so familiar … i remember the first time we actually slept “through the night” — we jointly woke up alarmed that ‘something had happened’ — no, nothing bad. now my daughter pre-dates you by a few months with the same “first baby” experience. we are too far away to see them “enough” — but do Skype about once a week. mostly we watch “Eddie” drool …

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