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Two Months Old

May 24, 2012

Every day she grows and every day my love grows with her.

I keep thinking that my heart can only hold so much, but somehow it just keeps growing bigger to fit all of these new feelings.

I was in a euphoric state when she was first born. I didn’t think life could be much better than a newborn sleeping peacefully, heartbeat on heartbeat, but when she smiled I was smitten all over again. She just keeps changing and life just keeps getting better.

Here is what we have noticed this month:

She’s drooling…a lot.

She seriously loves to be tickled and I tickle her all of the time because it just means more smiles for me.

Like all girls she loves a nice warm bath, it calms her right down.

This girl has got some strong legs and she kicks, wiggles, and bounces like there’s no tomorrow.

She’s still working on getting her giggle down and it’s so cute when she tries.

She’s grown out of most of her newborn clothes and it kind of makes me sad.

She has got to be the most patient baby, I mean she has her moments, but most of the time she is seriously an angel.

Around 8 weeks she settled into a semi-routine and is only waking up once a night.

We’re working on getting her bedtime earlier then 11pm, but she seems to really enjoy hanging out with mom and dad together.

She already lights up when her daddy gets home from work and she gives him the biggest grins. She’s a daddy’s girl for sure.

I love her and that’s all there is to it. I’m sure next month I’ll love her even more.

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  1. May 25, 2012 1:14 AM

    such a beautiful, indescribable love. I completely resonate what you have said– I just told colin in the car tonight… every day, at random, I will look at her and just want to explode with the amount of affection I have for Olive. You are such a good mommy! Audrey looks (and is!) so tall for such a young baby! she’s going to be a beauty.

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