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Not Your Typical Weekend (Part II)

June 13, 2012

We got chickens!! Yep you read that right, after our big venture to the mountain lake on Sunday we somehow had the energy left to go to town again the next day and we bought 4 chickens!

Before we even got the chickens Giles told me we shouldn’t name them…he didn’t want me to get too attached. I had completely put naming them out of my mind when all of a sudden from across the house I heard Giles excitedly yell, “Henry!”

“What ?” I said confused.

“Henry” he said, “it’s name is Henry!”

“But, it’s a girl!” I burst out laughing and made sure he still wanted to name them. He said since we weren’t going to be eating them that it was ok to go ahead and name them. So the chicken you see above is now more sensibly named  Henri, short for Henrietta. We haven’t named the other three yet, but we have some ideas.

We decided to get two different types of chickens, the black and white are called “Barred Rocks” and the gold and white are called “Gold Sex Links” they have this funny name because their color determines the sex.

Here’s Henri again, enjoying her new home. You will notice that the chickens are in between the size of chicks and chickens. At this stage they are called Pullets.

We bought the chickens with a purpose and are looking forward to some fresh, hormone free eggs, but we will have to wait about 6 months before they start laying. I had chickens as a little girl and I can tell you from experience that there is no comparison in farm fresh eggs and store bought eggs.

My husband is so awesome . He put a lot of hard work into building this chicken coop and has done a lot of research on what it will take to keep them alive and healthy. He knew this would be a fun thing for Audrey and me to do during the day.  Can you tell he loves me?

He even bought special feeders for them and set them up very nicely, notice they are hanging so the chickens do no get their food messy. In some ways Giles is a perfectionist.

It looks like Audrey is smiling at the chicken, but honestly I’m not sure she really noticed. Maybe she liked the peeping sounds it was making.

I hope we still have chickens when Audrey is old enough to really enjoy them.

I just love this photo of my little family, chickens and all. We had quite the eventful weekend and I am so thankful for a husband who makes life fun! Stay tuned for more about our new life with chickens!

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