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Happy Father’s Day

June 17, 2012

This year I get to honor two of my favorite men on Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day Giles.

From the very beginning Audrey has been in awe of you.

She already admires you and stops everything to stare and smile when you come around.

She knows when daddy comes home she gets to play and her smile just gets bigger and bigger until her face can’t even contain it.

What a great gift and responsibility you have as a father. A daughter will always look to her daddy with great respect and admiration and I am thankful to have  married a man who will not take this responsibility lightly. I can’t wait to watch this father daughter relationship grow in the years ahead.

And to my dad, just as Audrey will look to Giles with great respect and admiration, I have looked to you in the same way and have not been disappointed. Thank you for the many long conversations full of wisdom and for being willing to talk to me about the hard things that not all father’s would be comfortable discussing. You made me a better woman. Thanks for teaching me to be tough and fight through the pain and for providing me with a safe and wonderful home to grow up in. I know you worked hard and long to give me the life that I had. Thank you for taking the time to throw the softball with me and for teaching me to bait a hook . You might not have known it, but you were preparing me for the life I have now. I will never forget the special moments we had together and will be forever grateful. You have been a man very deserving of my respect and always will be . Happy Fathers Day.

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  1. June 19, 2012 6:42 PM

    (sigh) … okay … SOMEBODY has to say it: touching.
    and it’s good — you’ve got TWO, as did i. both my kids, however, did call that day … coincidental, our son was JUST LEAVING a movie theatre, having watched the very same movie “betty” and i were just leaving!
    (they better be real nice to you next mother’s day!)

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