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4 Months Old

July 26, 2012

This month Audrey’s 4 month pictures really tell the story of her development. Our photo session yesterday was a bit more challenging than normal because Audrey has become very interested in everything around her. She was constantly grabbing her hands, skirt, and even the sticker on her shirt. I had to grab it before it went into her mouth a few times, and by the end it was nearly destroyed.

Sitting pretty and looking for something to grab. (please excuse my terrible misspelling of raspberries…)

Here I captured her trying to sneak the sticker off and stick it in her mouth.

She was so interested in her hands that it was hard to get her to even look at the camera.

It took a lot of effort – a couple of toys and goofy noises but she finally looked up and smiled.

Over the past month Audrey has become much more interactive. She still loves to move her legs and stand. She is making more and more crazy noises, and is still drooling up a storm.

She has begun the adorable phase of grabbing and chewing on her feet which for some reason is just overwhelmingly cute to me.

She loves the company of other people and loves new faces. She smiles and laughs whenever we are out and meet someone new. Does this introverted mama possibly have an extrovert on her hands? It’s probably to early to tell, but I know that she is already pushing me beyond my comfort zone.

We have given Audrey hundreds of kisses since she was born. Her cheeks have always been irresistible.  It seems that we have kissed her so much that at just 4 months she has already learned how to give them back! Ok,  I’ll admit they are not exactly the kind of kisses you might be used to, we like to call them baby licks and they have got to be the best ‘kisses’ I have ever received!

It has been a busy month for us all with a lot of company. Audrey’s routine has been a little bit up and down but for the most part she goes to bed between 8 and 9 and gets up around 7. She’s a wonderful sleeper and I am able to enjoy some time to myself and with Giles at night. She is beginning to eat less frequently which has freed me up as well.  In some ways mothering is getting easier, yet there is always a new challenge right around the bend.

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  1. July 29, 2012 3:48 AM

    don’t YOU remember the foot-chewing when you were younger? i could not only chew off my fingernails, but my toe-nails too, up ’til i was, oh, 7 or 8 years old. hopefully it’ll NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU, but i only have “so many” bend overs in a day. and definitely NOT my feet. and, going to bed “8 to 9” and up by 7 — you are so lucky!
    and yes, the New challenges … (heh).

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