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Joshua Tree and Adventures Along the Way

November 26, 2012

After 2 days in Organ Pipe (which was a perfect amount of time) we packed up and headed to Joshua Tree National Park. We thought we had a short 4 hour drive ahead of us, but unfortunately we miscalculated and it ended up being about 7 hours, which with a baby is a big difference. However, this little miscalculation didn’t stop us from ‘enjoying the journey’ and we still made a couple of fun stops along the way.

First stop, Dateland, AZ .  We saw date palms up close and  even got to eat a date right off of the tree! The best part was the  date shake and although we don’t make a habit of giving Audrey sugar, we felt she had to be a part of the experience so we gave her a tiny bit – she seemed to like it, but you never can tell with her. We got a few pounds of dates for ourselves and friends and headed onward! (Just in case your wondering what one could do with that many dates , this recipe was pretty amazing.)

A couple of hours later we began to see what looked like sand dunes and I began to feel like I had magically traveled to the middle east in a span of minutes! We pulled over at a visitor center and found out that we were at the Imperial Sand Dunes Rec Area! There were ATV’s and dirt bikes speeding all around us – it looked like so much fun. We were directed to a great lookout and had a wonderful time playing in the sand – Audrey was completely fascinated.

Ok, mom and dad were fascinated too…

After being in the car all day it felt good to run a bit.

Soon we were back on the road, but not for long! Without warning Giles made a crazy turn onto a bumpy dirt road. Back at the visitor center the ranger told him about this oasis in the desert. But beware he said, you might run into some nudists and he wasn’t lying! We certainly weren’t lacking in new experiences for the day.

After all of our fun stops we FINALLY arrived at Joshua Tree National Park… in the dark. It was pretty chilly and we were only staying one night so we decided to just camp in the car aka “the goat”. We stayed in Jumble Rock Campground.

We woke up the next morning to a bright and beautiful day, ate a hearty camp breakfast, and started out on an innocent looking nature trail.  Obviously we had to get a picture with a Joshua Tree, which I still think is the strangest tree I have ever seen.

Of course Giles decided to lead us off trail and into the jumble rocks.

 He gave me some anxiety attacks going over and through the boulders with the baby on his back.

At one point we had to pass the baby through a very tiny crevice in the rocks and can you believe she slept through it all!?

It is amazing to me the variety of unique plants in the desert when you really start looking. This one is called a paper bag plant.

I will admit we did get to see a lot of cool rocks that we wouldn’t have seen staying on the trail.

After our hike we did the visitor center thing and then traveled to the southeast side of the park to have lunch. This was our last stop before we headed to San Diego and we were really glad we saw this side of the park because there were some huge Joshua Trees – now this is what we came to see!

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  1. Kay, Louise permalink
    November 26, 2012 8:09 PM

    Very nice story. You do such a good job with your writing. Love, Mom Like the Joshua Tree. Did you send to Josh? Mom

  2. December 1, 2012 5:21 AM

    well, you’re back at it. the great writing, that is. i was grinning the whole time i read this. still am. NO pixures of the nudists?
    i used to DOWNHILL ski (on cross-country skiis) with my daughter on my back. there’s a very important rule: don’t, ever, fall.
    i was a STUD, a long time ago.
    keep writing, kid! (i call everyone under age 40 that)


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