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8 Months Old

December 7, 2012

Life is crazy lately with this little stinker. She is getting so big and active. It is hard to imagine how much more will change as she grows into toddler hood. I think I will just try to hang on tight to these last baby moments that I have.
8 months 080

She cut 4 teeth in the span of two weeks this month. She now has 4 on top and 2 on the bottom which makes for a very goofy grin!

8 months 096

Still not crawling, but over the past week this has been her favorite thing to do which has made diaper changing quite the maneuver.

8 months 099

She is also really good at standing. I have to get her up, but once she’s there she is a pro!

8 months 119

As you can tell she is developing at rapid speeds these days.

She is a very curious little girl, always wanting to grab something to play with or chew on. Lately her favorite thing to do is grab things off of the fridge as we walk by, maybe it’s time for some baby magnets?  She is so active and busy trying to figure out how to move that it takes a lot of strength to hold her still when it is time to calm down for her nap.

She is learning to wave and give high fives. She loves to play peek a boo and watch me clap. Baby dancing has also become a common occurrence and she flaps her arms so fast whenever she gets excited (especially when we go out to watch the chickens).

She has a constant need for attention and if you walk out of the room she screams. Being a mom is hard work! Every month is so different, I am in a constant state of learning right along with her. The reality is that some days are harder than others and I hope Audrey won’t hold those bad days against me.

But then there are the silly moments, the tickle attacks and raspberry blowing contests, the screams and giggles, and crazy arms that make up for all of the hard times.

8 months 123

I love this little girl and I feel so blessed with the privilege of motherhood.

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