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10 Months Old

February 14, 2013

In reality, Audrey is nearing 11 months old. But honestly this is the first time I have been able to sit down and write without falling asleep. Even now as I write this I am absolutely exhausted. Month 10 has been very full. We traveled a lot, Audrey caught her first real cold, has apparently been on a sleeping strike, cut two more teeth, and developed some strange rash which I think I have identified as eczema. I am no longer able to sit still for more than, oh maybe 5 minutes, and the word “no” is being thrown around a lot. I am learning that each stage of parenting is so different and it all is a great learning process.  I know I say it in every post, but really Audrey has changed so much in the last month. She is crawling like a pro, talking gibberish all of the time, cruising around the furniture, and yea she’s just basically a toddler. Her little personality is shining through more and more each day.Image

Despite the challenges this month has brought, Audrey is still the light of my life and she is pretty adorable which helps her out a lot. (but can’t you just see the mischief in that face!?)ImageAudrey in four words: sweet, goofy, beautiful, and spirited.

Giles says: bold, adventurous, silly, and loud


I had to include this picture, it was that moment after she had been moving around everywhere and decided to just sit for a moment. I had been trying to get her to sit next to the chalkboard but this is where she wanted to be. Now that she’s crawling I just can’t make her go where I want, she loves her independence.


Here is a good view of her two new bottom teeth (she has a total of 8 now), boy were those a difficult pair!!Image

I guess it’s a mom thing, but I just think the back of her head is so precious. Someday’s she even has a head full of curls back there. Cliche I know, but she is just growing up too quickly!ImageI will never forget these sweet uncalloused feet. They receive so many kisses each day. Soon instead of my arms, these feet will be carrying my baby anywhere she chooses to go. This season of babyhood is coming to a close much too soon and I am trying to cherish each silly, crazy moment that I have left. Image

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  1. February 15, 2013 3:23 AM

    ah, the “no”s. we were told (it might have NOT been a good idea, but) that, after a while, when we’d say NO, it was recommended to say why. ’cause the kid will hear “no” but an explanation might help flesh it out. supporting data. the “why” for the NO.

    well, obviously many things are “NO … dangerous!” (e.g., elec. sockets, messing with the cat which might scratch, starting to crawl/toddle towards the (down) stairs, etc.)

    there was “NO … dirty.” ya’ know, not necessarily life-threatening or could hurt, but … mud puddles, schlepp, immersion of face into spaghetti sauce, etc.

    um, “NO … “? there were things which were neither dangerous nor dirty. INCONVENIENT. ya’ know, emptying a basket of newspapers, or carefully sorted financial papers (bills). pulling a tablecloth upon which is the checker-board, or dozens of cards.

    we are being visited by Eddie, the Grandson, next week! i’m fairly sure i’ll post about that. (oh yeah, his mom is coming with).

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