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Turkey Creek

March 3, 2013

We had a beautiful Saturday as a family yesterday and explored an area that we had not been to yet. It was called Turkey Creek and for good reason. We saw turkeys…

Turkey Creek take 2 062

…and a creek with a waterfall! We almost felt like we were back in the Great Smokies.

Turkey Creek take 2 050

The weather was absolutely beautiful and perfect for a picnic!

Turkey Creek take 2 026

I thought Audrey might like a bite of my sandwich and she went straight for the bacon, that’s my girl.

Turkey Creek take 2 029

Audrey had lots of fun hanging out with her daddy, splashing in the water, and riding on his shoulders through the woods.

Turkey Creek take 2 001

These two are my world.

Turkey Creek take 2 010

On our way there we spotted a bald eagle. Believe it or not this was a first for me so I was pretty excited.

Turkey Creek March 2013 012

We watched it soar around and be badgered by some ravens for quite a while.

Turkey Creek March 2013 016

On our way back we spotted a road runner. We see them quite frequently out here, but this is by far the prettiest one I’ve seen.

Turkey Creek take 2 074

It was a wonderful day spent with the family and how could it not be with these two?Turkey Creek take 2 015

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  1. March 4, 2013 3:21 AM

    grrrreat road runner! (you never saw baldiggles when in colorawdough? i saw one one day, as you say: badgered, by crows, at our county dump!)

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