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Happening Now…

June 8, 2013

Some exciting changes are in our very near future. First of all, we just moved out of our previous park and Giles has transferred over to Coronado National Memorial. We will still be in the beautiful Arizona, but thank goodness we will be living in civilization and I might actually get my sanity back. Well, I’ll never get it all back now that I’m a mother, but you get the idea. Secondly, we are buying a house!! There I said it, it’s out in the open. Our closing date is coming up in a few days and after that it will be done and final. Some of you might not know but our last house purchase was a disaster. You can ask me about that some other time though. Right now we are celebrating and looking forward to having our own place that is brand spankin new in which we won’t have to worry about non functioning septic systems (yep that happened once). Pictures are to come, but not until it is a done deal.


Giles and I have yet again spent some time apart during this process. It seems that it has become an accidental annual tradition for us to be seperated. But, it is usually for a good reason and this time we decided to spend some money on a plane ticket back to SC to see the grandparents rather than spend it on temporary lodging for me and the little one. Giles has been transitioning over to his new job as well as attending some training (surprise, surprise) while we have been away. We are looking forward to being back together in about a week to “start over” again with a blank slate.

During our time in South Carolina, Audrey and I have been making memories with the grandparents. We have had lots of opportunities to get out and have fun with special friends and family.

I was able to surprise my mom (couldn’t keep it from my dad) and come a couple of weeks earlier than she anticipated. We took this picture shortly after the surprise.


Couldn’t have pulled it off with out my best friends help!


My awesome friend from Charleston, Alicia, came all the way up to visit us! I miss her even more now. Hopefully next time she’ll come out and see us in Arizona.


Audrey’s first bubble bath, what a reaction.

P1010490She is going to hate me for this, but my mom had a birthday shortly after we got here. Can you believe she is 62? I sure hope I age this well!ImageHere we are at the Botanical Gardens at Clemson University. One of my favorite places.


One thing Audrey has really loved about being near town is all of the playgrounds!P1010595


Grandpa and lawnmower rides, what could be better? !


Grandma snuck her some of her birthday frosting…

P1010558She has been enjoying this little pool, I think we might just have to get one when we go back home.Image

The green grass, sweet tea, and southern folk have been treating us well, but we will sure be glad to see daddy in a few days!

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  1. June 8, 2013 8:46 PM

    62?? whoo !! (remember my last, Beatle’s, birthday … 😦
    who takes those pixures? yer lucky to have such a good fotograffical wreckord!
    “civilization”? where the heck is that?
    congratulations! (house and all): you’ll be UPPER MIDDLE CLASS in no time!

  2. June 12, 2013 7:33 AM

    Oh how exciting!!! Buying a house isn’t something we want to do anytime real soon again. Can’t wait for more details 🙂

  3. June 13, 2013 5:06 AM

    Oh and PS…i can’t figure out if you have your email on here or not….but if you have some down time i’d love to chat, just shoot me an email sometime

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