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February 28, 2014

Can I just be honest with you for a moment. Life has been stressful this semester. Nursing school takes most of my free time that I would rather be spending with my family, despite the stress my family is always gracious. My husband supports me daily and my daughter loves me unconditionally. I am also so grateful that my mother-in-law has been around for a few weeks to spend some quality time with us and especially with Audrey. It is so hard being away from family, and time we are able to spend together is just made that much more special. On our rare days off together we have been trying to get outside and enjoy the fresh spring air that has made it our way. Here are just a few photos to share the small moments we have been able to share together.


If you haven’t seen her lately, Audrey has grown a lot!


Through the stresses of life we still have lots of love.


 …and silliness


 and Grandmothers!


 For Audrey life is full of play,


baby dolls,


…and chocolate of course, because chocolate just makes everything better.

What does life look like for you so far in this new year of 2014?

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  1. March 2, 2014 4:07 AM

    What has “life looked like” so far in ’14? it’s looked quite a lot like CoastaWreekaw! i plan on essays? and occasional truths but mostly fabrication posts on what may or may not have happened. (just got back) — good to hear yer dewwin’ fine, so it seems! ah, you & my daughter, both nurses!

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