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An Oasis in the Desert

September 11, 2014

A Little over a year ago we bought our first house together. We made the decision to buy in a subdivision because that is most practical for where we are at in life at the moment, although we dream of having our own little homestead one day.

Our house was new when we bought it and so our back yard was a blank canvas, which Giles found exciting and I found daunting. But, Giles has proved yet again that he has many talents. He started by planting a few fruit trees and some grass (by seed). I even got involved and planted a little flower patch.


As the summer went on and monsoon season came, the grass grew and Audrey started to get an idea of what grass might look like.


It grew and it grew and it grew along with Audrey and the trees, flowers and vegetable garden/pumpkin patch..










We enjoyed the summer together in our growing space and Giles continued to work very hard to get the back yard to where he envisioned it. I helped when I could, but most all of the credit goes to Giles.


Audrey even helped her daddy cut the grass every now and then (One year later).


The most time consuming part was building this patio. The ground here in the lovely state of Arizona is seemingly rock solid and Giles dug down 12 inches with a shovel and a pick ax to get where he needed to be to back fill the area with gravel which he then tamped  and back filled some more. He then placed the pavers where he wanted them, in a pattern he designed. That’s just the short version of the process. It was much more in depth than it sounds, but if you want the details you can ask him. I am truly amazed by what he accomplished. We would like to thank “Mr. Eric”, who came over several times and helped out of the sheer goodness of his heart. He gave us motivation to continue! Oh yes, and until the fire pit was completed Audrey thought it was her sandbox.


This past summer (which was very interesting to say the least, but more on that later), we finally saw what we had envisioned for so long. The back yard is now complete, well there’s always more to do, but you know what I mean. We may not have a homestead yet, but we have quite the little oasis in the desert right in our back yard and we are bringing in a nice harvest even from our small urban garden.

The grass brings a little bit of southern comfort to me as I find my place out west and it brings a lot of joy and play to Audrey!


We have enjoyed the softness of the grass a lot this summer, blowing bubbles, eating watermelon, running through the sprinkler, playing soccer, and even star gazing late at night.

IMGP8204 IMGP8207 IMGP8216

Even Copper the Cat enjoys his outdoor space,


I am still planting flowers wherever I can… this is a teddy bear sunflower you see here, a great variety for kids.


The patio is finished and beautiful and I foresee many nights relaxing by the fire. Also if you look really close you will notice that we have some super okra that is taller than our apple tree!


I am so proud of my husband and all of the many hours of hard work he put into this place. He had a vision and he fullfilled it. That is a quality in him that I have always admired, and a part of who he is that drew me to him from the day that I met him. He sees the beauty in brokeness.  Even when I doubt the possibilites, he believes and remains constant and he makes a dream a reality. I am speaking of the backyard right now, but he also does this for me on a consistent basis, when I doubt myself he is always there telling me I can do it.  He is determined, even when he falls he always gets back up and finishes what he started (quite literally). He is resourceful, you might not realize it but this place is full of things to eat – pomegranates, figs, apples (someday), tomatos, okra, greenbeans (lots), herbs, and lettuce! Most of all he is loving, I know he had multiple reasons for creating this space, but the main one was for our family to have a space to bond and enjoy. A little piece of the world that is our own, that takes us to places we dream of going – a green world of relaxation, family, and love. So this is my thank you Giles, I know I didn’t always see the vision and I know my admiration was not always obvious. But, once again you have succeeded and inspired. Thank you, it’s perfect!

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  1. September 11, 2014 10:18 PM

    seriously, fantastic! from seemingly nothing, a lush yard (with OKRA, even!). nice cat. you (well, Giles)are truly an ins(pers)peration !

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