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The Great Journey of the Little Pumpkin

June 10, 2015


In October we found out we would be adding a little pumpkin to our patch. It has been quite the (almost) 10 month journey.


The first trimester brought the expected morning sickness but somehow I continued with nursing school and the chaotic joy of mothering a toddler. I probably didn’t study as much as I should have and I may have spent way to much time on the couch, but somehow ( I don’t really remember how) we made it through!


Feeling better and better every day!


The anatomy scan is always so fun and we both giggled a little when we found out we were having another girl. Giles let out more of a nervous giggle… Audrey will be a wonderful big sister and I am so excited to see these two grow up together. I hope they will be the best of friends!


That face.


The second trimester was bliss compared to the first, although still low on energy, for me it truly is the best time of pregnancy.


We had to get a few ultrasounds of the baby because she decided to be difficult (already) and position herself at the wrong angle. I was ok with that though because I got an unexpected 3D ultrasound! I never thought I would want one but when I saw the picture come up on the screen I was so glad for this opportunity and was falling in love all over again. She’s going to be so sweet!


I was still feeling pretty good here, although nursing school was wearing me out and by this time Giles was long gone working at his new park. We faced some difficulties throughout this pregnancy, not because of the pregnancy, but mostly due to choices we made concerning work and school. After Giles accident this past spring we are just beyond blessed to be in the place we are in life and cannot wait to see what this little one will bring to the family.


Third trimester fatigue has hit and you can see it in my face. I was working 12 hour shifts at the hopsital for my preceptorship in OB at this point. I loved it, and felt so connected with the women I was working with, but yes, it left me exhausted.


Natural birthing is kind of my thing. I love all things about helping bring not only babies, but mothers into the world. It is the most empowering thing about being a woman to me and to experience it is beyond words. All of this to say that I chose to use a midwife for my care again this time and I developed a wonderful reltationship with my lovely midwife, Misty. It was so wonderful to have her full care through my entire pregnancy. I could even text her whenever I had a concern, (yep even that night at 3 am when I had a horrible stomach bug) , she was that involved. I was so sad to leave her hands at 34 weeks, but am pleased that I have found another group of midwives here in the South very supportive of my wishes as well.


We did something crazy again. We moved across the country at 35 weeks, just like last time . This time though I was not only very pregnant, but toting a toddler and a cat in the back seat! We enjoyed the journey though and made it across without difficulties.

Now here we are in South Carolina, waiting for our little pumpkin to arrive. It seemed like this time would never come and now that it’s here I hardly know what to do with myself! I am almost 39 weeks pregnant and am trying to be patient and enjoy these last moments I have alone with Audrey before her little sister comes along. We have been playing in green grass, discovering leaves and lightning bugs, listening to summer rain, feeding the chickens, drinking sweet tea, and picking lots of beautiful vegetables from my dad’s garden – just enjoying all things southern. I have things on my list to do, like taking the NCLEX, but for now I am just trying to enjoy my family and prepare myself for a wonderful delivery. Hopefully we will soon be able to share with you  what will be my greatest accomplishment this year, above and beyond nursing school, and that is bringing another life to this world. We pray she will be used for great things!

We can’t wait to meet you little pumpkin, you have been through so much with us already and you will be so strong!

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  1. July 30, 2015 10:25 PM

    Neat: the (heh: weigh) uh, way you chronicle the changes …

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