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Scarlett Jane’s Birthday

July 6, 2015

We had another little late Blumer, but she has finally arrived and we are all so in love ! As with Audrey, I planned to have another natural birth and I am happy to say that my desire for this experience was fullfilled. If that’s all you wanted to know then you can stop reading here as birth stories can be somewhat graphic and lengthy and if you are anything like my husband you just don’t want to know. 😉

I had some concerns as I neared the 42 week mark that I would not be able to have Scarlett naturally as I was yet again being told that my risks increased if I went past this mark and it would be safer to induce. I was with a great group of midwives here in Greenville that were very laid back up until the 42 week mark. The midwives I was with in Arizona for Audrey’s birth started the induction process at 41 so I was thankful to have a little extra time. For some reason my babies just seem to need a little extra time to grow and I prayed that having a membrane sweep would put me into labor as it did with Audrey, so we tried that at my 41 week appointment and sure enough, she arrived within less than 48 hours. I had tried many other things to naturally induce labor, but somehow the membrane sweep is the only thing that has worked twice now. I had been having contractions and several 2-3 hour long episodes of “false labor” for about 3 weeks before I had Scarlett, so on Friday when I began having contractions that were somewhat uncomfortable I really didn’t think anything of them and didn’t start timing them until that afternoon because I was tired of getting everyone’s hopes up. I had finally just accepted the fact that Scarlett was going to be late and she would come when she was ready. After having contractions all day and as they got increasingly stronger I decided to time them for a while but they were only coming about 7-8 minutes apart, sometimes less, sometimes more, but still irregular so I knew it wasn’t time to call. At this point in the day I knew something was happening and I had a feeling she would be coming the following day. I thought it would be a good idea for Giles and I to try to go on a date since I knew it would be a difficult thing to do in the coming weeks. We went downtown for some Mexican food (spicy things are supposed to help ) and I even had a glass of pineapple juice (which is full of enzymes that are supposed to help too, at this point I had already eaten at least 4 pineapples though, so it was a last ditch effort). We walked up and down Main street and took a couple flights of stairs. I was having to stop and breath through some contractions at dinner, but they still were not coming faster so I wasn’t concerned. We headed home. Once we got home that’s when things got interesting. Giles had to go return a movie and so he left. Audrey was still up with my parents and she was being her wild self entertaining a guest they had over. I sat down in the chair and watched her play when all of a sudden I felt something pop. But, instead of fluid, I had a lot of bleeding and I had a serious freak out moment because this was unexpected. I frantically called the midwife and Giles who came rushing back. Of course I was told to come in and so Giles rushed me to the hospital. I can be a very anxious person, especially when it is related to my children, and so all the way to the hospital I had convinced myself something was horribly wrong and I was losing the baby. It was not exactly the way I envisioned my birth experience starting out, but things never really go as planned do they?

Once I got into triage they immediately put the monitor on and we all heard a very reassuring heart beat which was the best sound I have ever heard in my life. They checked my cervix since all other signs were reassuring. I was 8 cm dilated. So all those contractions had been doing something after all!  It is still unclear as to why I bled they way I did, one midwife suggested that I dilated very fast and that could have caused it and another suggested that because I had an anterior placenta it could have moved down close to the cervix, but whatever the reason I was able to continue with my birth plan once everything was confirmed to be safe and progressing normally.I don’t think I really calmed down from it all until the next day.  From triage I went to a labor room with a birthing tub. I didn’t necessarily plan to have a waterbirth, but I wanted to have the option to labor in the tub and see what happened from there. Giles introduced himself as my doula, ha. They gave him a care partner tag and he played his role very well once again. We did not have a doula this time and I was nervous because if it was up to him, Giles would be out in the hall smoking a cigar  (ok maybe that’s taking it a little too far), waiting for a birth announcement. Once again my fears were relieved because he was the best birth partner I could have asked for.  I started out bouncing on the birthing ball for a while, but I started to feel like the baby was moving down so I felt like it would be best to stand up and move around. Giles and I took a walk through the halls and did some slow dancing. I wasn’t keeping track of the time but I think we did this for about two hours. I progressed about 1 cm and the midwife had me do some side squats with one leg up on the bed to try to encourage the baby to move down. I finally decided to try the birthing tub. I had been avoiding it because I was so afraid it would slow my contractions down, but we decided to try it out and if they slowed I would get out. I am pretty sure the tub had the opposite effect and this is where I felt I really went into transition. Although it did speed things along I just could not get comfortable in the tub which is probably due to the fact that I was in transition, and I decided to get out. I just needed to feel more grounded. I stood holding onto Giles hands. I don’t know what made him do this, maybe he was trying to find something to hide behind, but he put the ball up on the bed and sat behind it and that’s where we spent the rest of the time – holding hands across the ball through contractions and resting on it during the breaks.  I started feeling the need to push soon after I got to this steady place. The midwife asked if I wanted to try a different position for birth, but I was not about to move. I had Scarlett about 5 pushes later. She came so much more quickly than Audrey! Total I labored in the hospital for about 4 hours and pushed for about 15 minutes. Scarlett Jane came loudly into the world at 2:20 AM and the wonder of parenthood began all over again.

Overall, it was not the experience I was expecting.There was a lot going on in the recovery period because I lost a lot of blood and I was still kind of traumatized from how it all started, but I wouldn’t change any of it because that is our story and that is how Scarlett decided to enter the world. Once again it was one of the best days of my life and such an empowering experience to give birth uninhibited. Scarlett is a wonderful additon to the family and it has been so fun watching her big sister bond with her already! We are really looking forward to getting to know her sweet little personality in the coming months and watching her grow. There is nothing more satisfying than bringing life into this world. I pray we can raise her to love Jesus and share His love with the world.

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