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What is The Whole30?

November 30, 2016

I sat down to write about what I’ve been doing for the last 7 days and then I realized I actually needed to write an entire post about what The Whole30 is because if I didn’t this post would be waaaay to long, so here you go.

I am still perfecting a short description of the program as it is a question  I am asked a lot lately since everywhere I go it becomes obvious I am doing something different, maybe even radical or extreme! As you can probably tell by now I’m not good with short, I am rather wordy, but here goes my attempt. Whole30 is very similar to Paleo which we have done before as well, but wait you might not know what that means either. Ok, Whole30 is really pretty simple. You eat whole foods. Eggs, Meat (yes even red meat), vegetables, fruit, annnnd that’s mostly it. None of these foods can be processed and it’s ideal but not required (because lets face it’s just not realistic for a lot of people out there) that you do organic for 30 whole days.

The idea behind the program as I have gathered is to help you quit bad habits in 30 days that you may have aquired over a life time. Like, having a coke to keep you awake during a 12 hour night shift, or grabbing a latte every time you go to target, or grabbing a piece of candy from the “candy lady” at work because it’s 2 pm and you haven’t eaten yet and you just need something to get your blood sugar back up (which will send you crashing and burning soon after and even though you know it you don’t know what else to do because you didn’t have a PLAN which is essential on Whole30). Can you tell I might have had a few bad habits?

Another reason for Whole30 is to help you identify food allergies or intolerances you might have. For those with skin problems, digestive issues, or even arthritis or anything related to inflammation this can be very helpful and I have read many testimonials from people stating that they reversed many problems with Whole30 including diabetes, and high cholesterol. There is a 10 day reintroduction phase at the end in which you are guided on how to slowly reintroduce all of the foods you have not allowed in your diet for the last 30 days, a few days at a time to figure out what’s causing said problems or may be even making you feel bad and you didn’t even realize it!

Did you notice I didn’t mention weight loss or positive body changes!!! That’s because that is not the main reason behind the program, but it is a benefit!

So, why am I doing Whole30? Well, most people look at me and the first thing they say is you don’t need to lose weight, why on earth are you doing this? (I’m nearly 5’6 and 102 pounds. Your right, I don’t need to lose weight, I actually need to gain weight, it’s a genetic thing). Remember, this isn’t about losing weight. Did you know that a thin person can actually be very unhealthy? Sugar and I have had a very close relationship for years. I mean, I was raised in the south, Sweet Tea anyone? Since I’ve had kids and started working it’s probably only gotten worse. It’s nap time, why not have some chocolate? I have some seriously bad habits. I also started drinking coke more frequently this year which is a habit I broke a long time ago, but when your stressed and you have a lot of changes going on, bad habits start to pop up again. So, for me I am looking for Whole 30 to be a health reset. I am also looking for my blood sugar to stabilize, to minimize my mood swings, and just be at my highest quality of functioning (no more brain fog). Who wouldn’t want that!?

Short synopsis: Whole30 is a plan to help you retrain your brain to eat healthy, whole foods. It is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change.

When it’s over:  When it’s over you can make your own big girl or big boy decisions about what your body reacts well to and what is not worth the pain or brain fog or mood swings, etc…

When it’s over you can still splurge once in a while and have that mug of hot chocolate with your 4 year old because you want to share a memory, or you can choose not to. But, hopefully when it is over the majority of the changes you have made in your food choices will remain . Hopefully, you will realize you don’t really need that extra piece of candy, your body was actually just thirsty so you grab some water instead!

If your interested in Whole30, just know that what I have written here is minimal information compared to the 2 books I’ve been scouring here at home and I’m not getting paid for any of this. I really just want to track my progress and maybe inspire someone along the way. I didn’t go through what is not allowed on the program because let’s face it, most of you would look at that and never would have read this far. So here are the 2 books I recommend if you want to look into it – “It Starts with Food” This is the book for the people who are like a 4 year old and ask Why ALL of the time. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that – that’s how you learn! And The second option is for those of you who just want the basics, some tips and tricks,the guidelines, some why, and mainly recipes! This is simply entitled “The Whole30”

I know this whole idea might sound crazy to some of you, but seriously, who doesn’t love a challenge? Well, I guess some people really don’t, but if you do this is for you! It can’t hurt anything. Maybe wait till the holiday’s are over unlike we did because let’s face it, that really is crazy. If you want to know what Whole30 looks like in the real life of a busy mom and dad stay tuned for an update on week 1.

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